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Client: Department of Education

Parklands High School



This piece seeks to be a performance in it’s own right using geometry and contemporary technologies to create the illusion of organic form and motion. Inspired by movement, sound, energy and time, this piece is intended to reflect it’s surroundings creating an interplay with it’s environment. The artwork made from No.8 True Mirror Non-Directional stainless steel and will reflect movement, light and weather conditions. Colour has been added to the underside of the panels, adding to the play of reflections, these are constantly changing as one moves past the work. This not only adds drama to the design but brings the work to life as it relates directly with its natural environment. The result - an artwork that is in a constant state of change, where every moment contributes to the overall performance.




Location: Parklands High School

Client: Department of Education

Year: 2018

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

Title: Sound + Light

Dimensions: 15000 x 2000mm

Materials: No 8 true mirror steel + Powdercoating


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