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Client: Department of Education

Windermere Primary School


T3D Studios were commissioned to create works for the new early learning centre at Windermere Primary School. With the redevelopment of the building following the Reggio Emilia philosophy, we created site specific works to suit the intended space and use. Two areas were allocated for artwork. The internal artwork was to suit the new Library Hub. This space would be used all day as the students moved through the building and were also able to stop rest and read. The second space allocated was an external work for the rear playground. This required the work to be based on nature, intrigue and suit play for children aged 4-6.


Internal Artwork: Letascape’ is full of enchanted micro events where letters and numbers populate the work in a whimsical and playful way, designed to capture the imagination of the children and their families. The new Library is located at the heart of the facility, we felt it appropriate to create an artwork that focuses on literacy and numeracy to compliment the space as these two core subjects find their place at the heart of education. Whilst developing the work it was decided to keep the simplicity of a pencil drawing to compliment the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning. Letters and numbers are hidden within a landscape that is reminiscent of Hobart and inspired by the coastal waterways unique to Southern Tasmania. The work sparks the imagination of the community where people of all ages are invited to engage in a fantastical world. As if to be momentarily transported into the pages of a giant children’s storybook, filled with childlike innocence and play.

External Artwork: Designed to compliment the learning environment at the newly developed Early Learning centre at Windermere Primary School. Natural elements informed the work creating interactive sculptures that are based on fallen leaves and bark found in nature. The sculptures provide a range of micro experiences for children to enjoy, they can also be used by teachers and parents as small intimate spaces for story telling, reading and relaxation.
Following the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning where it is noted that children must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening and observing. The children will be able to experience new and interesting viewpoints of the gardens that may have gone unnoticed if they weren’t framed by the tunnels, ramps, platforms and openings offered by the various sculptures. The artwork is intended to create unique experiences that come together to form a total outdoor experience via a site specific installation that encourages exploration, inquiry and creative play.




Location: Windermere Primary School

Client: Department of Education

Year: 2018

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson


Title: Letascape


Dimensions: 14500x 2850mm

Materials: Supersize Print



Title: Leaf + Bark


Leaf - 2230 x 2585 x 2585mm

Bark - 800 x 2324 x 4000mm

Materials: Steel Frame and Spotted Gum




Will Hodgman attended the Australian of the year award ceremony held in

the new Early Learning Centre at Windermere Primary School. And is featured

with the artwork by Jerome Dobinson and Amanda Kay (T3D Studios). Media

captured the event, a proud moment for the kids and the school.

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