Amanda Kay - Artist - Director

Amanda works as a contemporary artist, using modern and traditional techniques. Applying abstract representation and conceptual thinking to convey simple yet deep connections with herself and the world around her. Amanda asks the viewer to contemplate through feeling, with the use of colour, construction and composition.


Recently Amanda has been working primarily on commissions to create artworks for public space with life partner, Jerome Dobinson and co-founder of The 3rd Door. Spatial relationships within their work create experiences between people and place. Endeavoring to establish synergy within our physical surrounds, applying colour and design to space, enabling art to meet architecture. Amanda is inspired by new technologies and new techniques, creating a more colourful environment for people to work, live and play.


Amanda was born in Sydney and relocated to Tasmania in 2007 in which her life as an interdependent artist began with poetry published in Artscapes, a Photographic journal of Tasmanian Wilderness by the Photographer Wolfgang Glowacki. She also worked producing objects, here she explored colour and texture in a tactile environment. Applying colour and design principles to each and every hand made work. Exhibiting these objects in the Sustainable Living Expo, Material Girl, Bicrolage, Art from Trash, Weld Echo and the Furnished Exhibition as part of Ten Days on the Island. In 2011 and 2012 the studio was short listed in the Tasmanian Design Awards as an object finalist. Creating recycled products for major galleries such as Mona, the MCA and the Art Gallery of NSW.

Jerome Dobinson - Artist - Designer - Project Manager


Jerome grew up in Melbourne after migrating to Australia in 1978. He has been working as a

visual artist and designer since graduating from RMIT University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in visual communication and design.


As a young graduate he found himself working as an art director for various advertising

agencies where he was afforded the opportunity to work on high profile accounts such as

Honda, BMW, Fairfax, Fosters Group, Murray Gouldburn, Racing Victoria and Dulux Paints.

In 1999 Jerome became creatively restless with the corporate world. After traveling through

Asia, he returned to Melbourne and set up an independent design studio that has evolved into

a platform for creative exploration and experimentation. In 2007 he relocated to Tasmania with T3D co-creator and artistic collaborator Amanda Kay. Where they continue to explore those creative possibilities that arise when contemporary technologies meet with traditional arts practices such as painting, drawing and sculpture.


Specialising in public art installation, contemporary art, identity branding and graphic design.

The studio’s workflow is divided equally between commercial and self initiated projects.

Servicing a wide range of clients from Government departments, organisations and commercial businesses helps to finance and inform creative projects. Where freedom and inspiration take precedence over the usual parameters associated with commercial work.


In 2011 & 2012 the studio was exhibited as a finalist in the Tasmanian Design Awards for their work on recycled and up-cycled products which were sold in many major gallery shops

throughout Australia such as the MCA, The Art Gallery of NSW and MONA.


Jerome’s deepest passions lie in painting, drawing and design. His style and subject matter are heavily influenced by computer technologies and processes not normally associated with the act of making art and serve as a vehicle to explore the role of painting and fine art in contemporary culture. A recent example of this can be seen in a work titled ‘Medusa’, selected as a finalist in the 2017 Kilgour Art Prize and makes up part of a series of ongoing bitmap paintings. Using pixelation to depict a life-size female nude, the work raises issues related to gender whilst challenging the role of traditional figurative painting in todays society.

T3D History

2019        Public Art - Commission for Peregrine School - Participatory Art

2019        Public Art - Commission for Bayview Secondary College - DoE

2019        Public Art - Commission for Cambridge Kitchen delivery vehicles

2019        Public Art - Shortlist - Western Wilds Project - Sentinel Range

2019        Public Art - Shortlist - Donate Life - Royal Hobart Hospital Upgrade

2018        Public Art - Commission for Launceston Hospital Ward 4K

2018        Public Art - Shortlist - Western Wilds Project - Franklin River Picnic Area

2017        Public Art - Commission for Windermere Primary School - DoE (Part A& Part B)

2017        Finalist - Kilgor Art Prize

2017        Exhibition - Out of nowhere - Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery

2017        Residency - Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery

2017        Public Art - Commission for Parklands High School - DoE

2017        Public Art - Shortlist - Prospect High School - DoE

2017        Public Art - Commission for Ormond Station - Level Crossing Removal Authority

2017        Public Art - Commission for Cressy District High School - DoE 

2017        Teaching - Backswing - Presentations

2016        Mural - Cygnet Woodfired Bakery

2016        Public Art - Commission for Rokeby High School - DoE 

2016        Public Art - Commission for Kings Meadows High School - DoE (Part A& Part B)

2016        Public Art - Commission Trinity Hill Housing - Housing Tasmania

2016        Public Art - Commission for New Town High School - DoE 

2016        Public Art - Commission for Beecroft and Cheltenham Stations - ETTT Alliance

2015        Public Art - Commission for Rose Bay High School - DoE

2014        Exhibition - Arts Tasmania Public Art Site Scheme Anniversery 30 years -

2014        Public Art - Commission for George Town Hub - The Department of Education (DoE)

2014        Public Art - Commission for Glenorchy Police Station - DPEM (Part A, Part B & Part C)

2014        Exhibition - Material Girl + Holographic Lounge Room (Adelaide) + Moss (Balfour house)

2014        Teaching - Matchbox Works (Advertising and copywriting)

2013        Exhibition - Art From Trash  - Coptic Bound Journals (Upcycled)

2012        Exhibition - Weld Echo Exhibition & Art From Trash -  Coptic Bound Journals (Upcycled)

2012        Finalist - Tasmanian Design Awards Object Finalist -  Journals

2011        Finalist - Tasmanian Design Awards Object Finalist - Recycled Woollen Gloves

2012        Exhibition - Bricolage - Recycled Woollen Hats, Gloves and Scarfs

2011        Exhibition - Weld Echo & Art From Trash -  Coptic Bound Journals (Upcycled)

2011        Exhibition - Furnished @ Ten Days on The Island - Pamphlet Stitch Journals

2010        Exhibition - Weld Echo Exhibition & Art From Trash -  Coptic Bound Journals (Upcycled)

2010        Exhibition - Sustainable Living Expo - Coptic Bound Journals (Upcycled)

2008        Artscapes, by Wolfgang Glowacki (Poetry by Amanda Kay )

2007        The Philosophers - Commission for UTAS - 17 Portraits of the greatest philosophers.

2006        Lamoros - Large Format Glass Artwork + Brand Identity

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