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Client: Department of Health and Human Services

Cambridge Kitchen




“Where our food comes from”. Showing agriculture, industry and the roads in which food travels from paddocks to kitchens to patients. Four individual artworks are created for each side of the two delivery trucks. We felt it important to play with the idea of where food comes from. As the trucks are driving between Cambridge and Hobart everyday, we saw the opportunity to create a work that will engage all ages in a playful and naive way.


Using a simple linework illustration style we captured the growing regions of Tasmania. The roads in which food would be transported. The area of Cambridge in which the food is made for the hospital patients, and the drive into Hobart as seen coming over the Tasman Bridge. There is plenty of little details within the work to capture the imagination of the viewer even if they have seen the artwork drive past them before. Using four different artworks creates the opportunity, that they will see a new work every time they spot the trucks. This creates intrigue and hopefully inspire their imagination and brighten up their day.

Where our food comes from is then titled as per the activity captured:
“Grown in Tassie”
“Delivered to Cambridge”
“Made in Cambridge”
“Delivered to Hobart”




Location: Cambridge Kitchen Delivery Vehicle

Client: Department of Health and Human Services

Year: 2019

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

Title: Where our food comes from

Dimensions: 1930mm x 4200mm x 4 

Materials: Vinyl Vehicle Wrap


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