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Client: Peregrine School

Peregrine School




The school is located in rural Tasmania deep in the valley with a rivulet surrounding the school's boundaries. The emphasis on connecting students to their environment was important for the school. Working with the children we set out to draw the native wildlife found in the local environment. This engagement connected the students to their natural environment and their daily learning. As the students who participated move from primary to high school, they can reflect on their time as former younger students. 

The work collates the student's drawings into a unique depiction of the local environment and the school's bush setting. There are animals in the river and many live in the bush going about their day. If you view to the west you can see the tips of the southwest mountains.




Location: Peregrine School

Client: Peregrine School

Year: 2019

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

Title: Bush School

Dimensions: 10m

Materials: Window Decals


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