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My Place” is an artwork created with the residents, for the residents. The words “Home, Love & Live” were explored in a series of 6 x 3hour workshops with the residents. Drawings, comments and key words that held particular meaning in relation to the concept of ‘home’ and ‘place’ were collected and formed the basis of this artwork. During these workshops we held many discussions around the topic of what ‘home’ means to each of the residents and that content was then composed into a graphic to span the facade of the building.


“My Place” is representational of the ideas expressed by the group as a collective. We incorporated their creative responses into a dreamlike landscape. As a piece the artwork represents the many stories and lives of the participants enabling them to have a sense of ownership over the artwork and more importantly their place of dwelling or home. Using the exterior colour palette provided by the architects, the integration of these colours within the artwork compliment the architecture

and establish a cohesive space.


The graphic language was designed to communicate directly with the 16-25 year age group and is reminiscent of urban street art. The wall was painted by a sign writer using traditional sign-writing techniques and the drawing was fabricated from laser cut steel, powder coated and permanently fixed to the wall.




Location: Trinity Hill Housing


Client: Housing Tasmania

Title: My Place

Year: 2016


Dimensions: 8m x 6metres


Materials: Exterior Paint + Steel + Powdercoating


Artist(s): Amanda Kay & Jerome Dobinson

Trinity Hill received the:

Tasmanian Architecture Awards 2016

Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing Award

Trinity Hill – HBV Architects with Carroll and Cockburn Architects

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