The artwork ‘epiphany’ has been developed in a graphic style to appeal to the teenage student body who will be using the space. This has been achieved by creating an artwork that has a young irreverent graphic language. Handrawn graphics have been used to represent scientific developments through the ages.



‘Epiphany’ at a glance, resembles an oversized sketchbook, filled with colourful hand drawn notations and drawings, but upon closer inspection, it becomes increasingly apparent that the information, drawings and content of the artwork contain a deeper more meaningful narrative. The many layers and elements to the artwork each come together to highlight those historic events and figures that have shaped the modern world we live in today. The artwork has an educational foundation that crosses through the arts, the sciences and history. Illustrating some of humanities greatest scientific achievements. At each point these great figures have experienced an Epiphany, it is these moments that have shaped our knowledge of science today.

In 2019 we were invited back to create a feature wall for the entrance the new year 11 and 12 classrooms and chillout zone we have continued the look and feel of the oversized sketchbook focusing on famous influential figures. Oversized plants that are indigenous to Tasmania create the backdrop for students to relax.




Location: Bayview Secondary School


Client: Department of Education

Title: Epiphany

Year: 2016


Dimensions: 23m x 2m + 5m x 4.7m


Materials: Vinyl Decal + Supersize Print & Perspex

Year: 2019

Dimensions 11.25m wide  x 3m high

Materials: Supersize Print




Jerome Dobinson

Amanda Kay




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