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Intersect’ is a public artwork commissioned for Newtown High School in Hobart, Tasmania. The artwork is printed on 43 vinyl panels that are retrospectively fitted to the glazing throughout the new building using a premium grade digitally printed vinyl. Working with vibrant colours and utilising various levels of colour transparencies the artwork can be viewed both externally and internally. Creating an organic, ever changing experience for users as lighting conditions shift and change throughout the day creating a dynamic play of colour throughout the space.

Our brief was to bring the past and present together in a single piece of communication to reflect the historical significance of New Town High School and its commitment to providing contemporary learning practices. The thinking behind ‘intersect’ was to re-interpret the spirit and style of the De Stijl and Bauhaus modernists in a contemporary way. Referencing the historical importance of this period in art history gives rise to an open dialogue whereby students are invited to engage with the space and gain a deeper appreciation for both their school as a representation of those design philosophies that changed the way we as a society view aesthetics, concepts that have formed the basis of contemporary culture today.




Location: Newtown High School 


Client: Department of Education

Title: Intersect

Year: 2016


Dimensions: 43 panels (varying sizes)


Materials: Vinyl print

Artist(s): Jerome Dobinson and Amanda Kay

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