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In 2016 Kings Meadows High School experienced a major re-development and T3D were awarded the commission to

develop three site specific artworks for the building. Those being two DigiGlass glazing projects for the grade 9/10 central learning area and the Library/ICT Computer Lab as well as designing a balustrade system for Grade 8 gathering space. We worked closely with the architects and the stakeholders to create three designs for each location that were contextually sensitive to the building users demographic, taking into account the architects vision.


Journey was used as an underlying theme for each of the works. A flock of birds were laser cut into the balustrade to symbolise the journey undertaken by the students as they grow from teenagers to adolescents, a circuit board design was created for the computer lab to represent the exchange of information that travels around the globe every second. And for the Grade 9/10 learning area we chose to take an abstract illustrative approach inspired by both contemporary digital graphics found online and the majestic landscapes that are unique to Tasmania.


We felt it important to design a series of artworks that communicate directly to the students by capturing their attention, their imagination and their spirit, whilst at the same time creating three pieces that can be appreciated by people of all ages and from all walks of life. The result is a series of works that creatively play with space, perspective and scale. Reinforcing the notion that life is a series of small journeys that can be expressed in a multitude of ways and where one journey ends another one begins.




Location: Kings Meadows High School


Client: Department of Education

Year: 2016



1: 28,000 Days

2: Circuit

3: Flight Path 



1: 10000mm x 2000mm

2: 10000mm x 2000mm

3: 35000mm x 750mm



1: DigiGlass

2: DigiGlass

3: Steel + Powder Coating


Artist(s): Jerome Dobinson and Amanda Kay

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