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Client: The Department of Health

Launceston Hospital - Ward 4K




In developing a language for the Launceston Hospital Ward 4K, we felt it was important to appeal to a young audience and also their visitors. This way the artwork will engage the broad community of LGH. We set out a selection of criteria to work to, to ensure that we are able to provide a place that is inspiring, bright and also peaceful.

Criteria & Goals: 

Each of the artworks within the project should:

• Be playful, whimsical and fun
• Appeal to a broad range of people both young and old
• Be colourful so as to generate a sense positivity
• Inspire the imagination of patients, visitors and staff
• Be welcoming and friendly in their composition
• Be considerate of Mental Health patients
• Capture and highlight the beauty of Northern Tasmania
• Be inspired by native flora and fauna
• Create a sense of well being and happiness

These works are installed in stages, 01: March 2020, 02: November 2020 and 03: is to be installed in May 2021. As the building is completed over a period of time works are still in progress, remaining artworks are allocated for the children's bedrooms rooms, a playroom and a new entrance.




Location: Launceston Hospital Ward 4K

Client: The Department of Health

Year: 2020

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

Title: Landscape #01 - #04


Landscape #03 - 10m x 2250mm

Landscape #04 - 20m x 2250mm

Windows #01-18 of various dimensions.

Materials: Supersize Print + Vinyl Decals


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