Client: The Department of Health

Launceston Hospital - Ward 4K



In developing a language for the Launceston Hospital Ward 4K, we felt it was important to appeal to a young audience and also their visitors. This way the artwork will engage the broad community of LGH. We set out a selection of criteria to work to, to ensure that we are able to provide a place that is inspiring, bright and also peaceful.

Criteria & Goals: 

Each of the artworks within the project should:

• Be playful, whimsical and fun
• Appeal to a broad range of people both young and old
• Be colourful so as to generate a sense positivity
• Inspire the imagination of patients, visitors and staff
• Be welcoming and friendly in their composition
• Be considerate of Mental Health patients
• Capture and highlight the beauty of Northern Tasmania
• Be inspired by native flora and fauna
• Create a sense of well being and happiness

These works are installed as part of stage 01. Stage 02 is to be installed late 2020 and Stage 03 is to be installed 2021




Location: Launceston Hospital Ward 4K

Client: The Department of Health

Year: 2020

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

Title: Landscape #01 - #04


Landscape #03 - 10m x 2250mm

Landscape #04 - 20m x 2250mm

Windows #01-18 of various dimensions.

Materials: Supersize Print


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