Client: The Department of Education




We have created a collection of works that tie science with our surrounding environment. Basing the works on scientific imagery found during our research, the microscopic imagery of plants and cells sit with mathematic formulas. The scientific slides have a vibrant colour palate and are the inspiration for the colour scheme. Using a bright palette also brings life to a dark interior schedule and will be a great contrast to the dark grey wall colour.

The background underlying structure uses geometry and mathematics using the phi golden ratio principles. Hand drawn natural elements and formulas are overlaid over the background geometry creating a work of complexity and harmony. We have referenced Tasmanian flora and fauna and chosen graphic elements for their relationship to one another. The overall experience is an invitation to the audience to engage with the artwork and explore the many thoughts that come and go within an inspired and inquisitive mind.




Location: Hellyer College - Science Lab

Client: The Department of Education

Year: 2020

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

Title: QED


SuperSize Wall: 10m x 2250mm

Light Boxes: 600mm x 1200mm x 100mm deep

Light Boxes: 1200mm x 1200mm x 100mm deep

Window Decals: Varying Dimensions x 10


SuperSize Wall: 3M Vinyl + Laser Etched Perspex

Light Boxes: Powdercoated + Perspex x 3 layers of print

Light Boxes: Powdercoated + Perspex x 3 layers of print

Window Decals: Vinyl - Laser cut