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Client: T3D + Arts Tasmania




Through a grant awarded by Arts Tasmania, Amanda continued her mentorship with Michael Gissing. This process allowed her to create new work for the digital environment, whilst learning industry tips and tricks of recording and editing sound. New skills were explored such as set up of mics, recording levels and awareness of sound found in external environments. She also explored studio based recording and editing, producing 3 short films for the digital platform. These films will be screened at RANT (Devonport) and TheLoop (Hobart) in October 2023.


AWARD: Blackbird Film Festival 2023 - Honorable Mention


Thank you to: #michaelgissing from #digitalcitystudios and to #artstasmania for the opportunity to work again with Michael and the #cygnetartscouncil for the sound kit. Image credit #nickdobinson for the drone footage before it was lost to the big deep sea. Artwork by #amandakay #artistdiaries #digitalart #cygnet #tasmania. A big thanks to everyone who has supported my digital discipline #annievenables from #vikingfilms and #alekscrossan and #donovanszypura from #earthphish plus my amazing man #jeromedobinson.

Location: YouTube
Exhibition: RANT Arts Project Space (2023)

Awards: 'Blackbird Film Festival 2023'

Client: T3D + Arts Tasmania

Year: 2022

Artist(s): Amanda Kay under the guidance of Michael Gissing (drone footage - Nick Dobinson)

Title: Artist Diaries...

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 (HD)

Artist Statement:

Creating work in challenging times, I reflect on what is needed most in my world. I have produced 3 short videos, which came from inner reflection whilst recovering from an operation. The Breath is the first point of interest as we fasten our pace to keep up with the demands of the world. We can find that our connection to breath and our stillness is disturbed. This work counteracts the demand for busyness and affords the viewer some space to rest in the self and connect with the breath.


AWARD: Blackbird Film Festival 2023 - Honorable Mention

Artist Statement: Making sense of... our world explores our history our present and our possible future. Are we perhaps making more mess on the earth than ever before? How is the world going to look, how have we become? It leaves me to question my next move...

Artist Statement: The feminine explores ideas around how to protect and care for the female and her cycles amidst a busy world. Feminism has gained equal rights and raised awareness on so many issues. I am so grateful to all the empowered women that came before me. On reflection, there are other things to notice whilst living a modern life and that was my cycle. Now that I say goodbye to this gift I see how it governed my life and how I needed much more space for nurture. Nurturing not just others, but also the self.

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