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"The conservatory artwork is designed to conjur an etheric Lewis Carrol like experience of no fixed time or place".




Location: Lamaro's Gastro Pub Sth Melbourne

Client: Pam Lamaro


Conservatory Artwork:

Dimensions: 7000(w) x 2450(h) x 200(h)

Materials: Digital Print on Glass

Conservatory Door Panels:

Dimensions: 3200(w) x 2450mm(h)

Materials: Digital Print on Glass

Wine Room Door Panels:

Dimensions: 3200(w) x 2450(h)

Materials: Digital Print on Glass


Artist: Jerome Dobinson






A 7 metre glass artwork was designed using multiple layers of toughened glass that were digitally printed and housed within an engineered framework. The artwork itself was designed with an E.E.Cummings poem in mind and aims to conjure a dreamy Lewis Carrol like experience of no fixed time or place. This was done to establish an environment that inspires conversation, imagination and light heartedness, three things that give rise to a pleasurable dinning experience.  Jerome also designed the brand identity and a series artworks for the door panels of the conservatory entrance, the wine room and the main entrance. Each piece was designed to work harmoniously with the interior schedule and served to enhance the overall experience creating a location specific atmosphere for the various rooms and their intended usage. Drawing from natural references, the artworks seek to inspire the hearts of people of all ages and from all walks of life. Upon entry one is met with a large graphic interpretation of the original title from the last century. This brings attention to the buildings historical significance and serves to remind patrons and staff that the building itself is heritage listed and plays an important role within the local community and the City of Port Phillip.





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