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Client: The Department of Health




After contemplating the brief and visiting the site, we felt it was important that the sculpture introduce some colour and vitality to the visual landscape. It was also part of our design thinking to create a work that was unexpected, serving as a playful landmark to welcome patients of all ages, from all walks of life. Looking into the Kingston-Park Development Plan, the key design principles and precincts appear to place community and well being at the heart of their planning. The Kingston Health Centre is located in Precinct ‘A’ (Health Centre and Southern Gateway) which means over time the sculpture(s) will be viewed by all members of the Kingston community, not just patients of the Kingston Health Centre.


Our vision for this project is to create a suite of abstract totems - each representing important attributes commonly associated with a healthy community, those being: collaboration, cooperation, communication and compassion. The totems as abstract objects allow for individual interpretation, engagement and inquiry. Their deliberate ambiguity is intentionally designed to promote discussion and encourage conversation between community members and pedestrians. Each totem will be painted a different colour to symbolise those attributes of community listed above and the horizontal coloured bands are representative of the rich and diverse community members and individuals that make up the city of Kingston.




Location: Kingston Health Centre

Client: The Department of Health

Year: 2020

Artist(s): Amanda Kay and Jerome Dobinson

Title: Community as colour

Dimensions: Varying

Materials: Steel + Automotive Paint


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