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photo credit: Leif Prenzlau (Light Culture)



The ETTT Alliance & Transport for NSW commissioned T3D Design to create an artwork for Cheltenham Station. After meeting with the community panel, the stakeholders and the Beecroft Cheltenham History Group it was decided that the artwork should highlight the historical importance of the station and reflect the unique qualities of the station due to the stations founding father and financier William Chorley who placed a covenant on the surrounding lands stating that no commercial development was to be undertaken in the area.


We developed three 3 metre solar powered lanterns, each representing an important sector of the community from a historical perspective. Working with the Beecroft and Cheltenham Historical Group, Cheltenham Girls High School and a local families we procured a collection of historical images comprising of advertisements, newspaper clippings, maps, legal documents and historic images of local places, people and buildings to create a composition that serves as a snapshot of the past.


A complex multi layered stainless steel lantern was designed specifically for the project. This design enabled us to use vintage railway tickets to create a colourful internal column used to illuminate the artwork at night. A second glass layer was built into the design to allow the collection of black and white historical images to float through the work like a series of memories, establishing a dreamlike quality artwork, inviting the public to take a journey through time and experience how the station has evolved over the past century.




Location: Cheltenham Station Sydney




Epping to Thornieigh Third Track Alliance (ETTT Aliance)

Transport for NSW (TfNSW)

Sydney Rail

Title: Journey


Year: 2016

Dimensions: x3 - 600mm x 600mm x 3000mm


Materials: Glass/Steel/Solar



Jerome Dobinson

Amanda Kay


Contractors: Out'n'Up Builders

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